Sherwood and Woodard Shake Up the PRCA Standings

Photo courtesy of Star-Telegram

If you’ve been following the PRCA the last few weeks, you may have noticed some familiar names keep showing up in the average results.  Matt Sherwood and Walt Woodard dominated in Fort Worth and are currently sitting well in the average at Houston with a round win the first night and a third place win last night.

I had a chance to catch up with Matt this morning.  “We started roping in April of last year,” Sherwood said of Woodard.  “Neither one of us had a partner, so we visited a little bit and decided to go at it again.”

This is not the first time that Matt and Walt have paired up.  In the 2006/2007 season, the duo had a pretty good run.  “We roped really good together in 2006,” Sherwood said.  “But we got off to a slow start in 2007 and decided to do something different.”

In today’s team roping world, it is not uncommon to see one of the big dogs paired up with a young gun.  Some are calling it refreshing to see some of the legendary ropers pair up and hit the rodeo road again. Just last week, we watched as team roping legends, Tee Woolman and Leo Camarillo backed into the box at RFD-TV’s The American and lay down a 5 second run which received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Walt, a team roping favorite, is no exception to the list of legendary ropers that are entering up.

When asked what it was like traveling with Walt, Matt said, “Travelling together is really good.  We get along good.  We don’t play video games or anything so it allows us to read or play cards or do other things that we both enjoy.  Walt’s better at playing cards then I am.  He doesn’t cheat…that’s hard for me to admit it out loud, he’s just a little bit better than I am.”

This year, you will find Matt riding a mare that he raised and trained and sold to Riley Minor and then bought back last year.  She is a half sister to his good horse, Nick, that he used to ride.  But the real star of the show is Blueberry, Walt’s heel horse.  “He raised him and trained him and loves him, Sherwood says.  “He reads to him every night.  I don’t know what he reads to him…I never stick around that long. But he loves that horse more than anything.  I think Travis is all grown up now, so Blueberry is the new favorite.  It’s Darlene and then Blueberry…it’s really, really close.”

Sherwood and Woodard are hot on the NFR trail.  “Our plans are to be there,” says Sherwood.



Lacey Maddalena

Lacey grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California where she learned to ride and rope at a very young age. Her dad was an avid team roper, and unlike most little girls who dreamed of the adrenaline of chasing barrels, Lacey dreamed of being a team roper just like her dad. She won her first jackpot at just 13 and has been hooked ever since. She is not only a passionate team roper and a writer, but also an artist and an outdoorsman. When she is not in the arena, she enjoys painting, archery, fishing, hiking, and traveling the world.

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