Broc Cresta Memorial Pro-Am Largest Turn Out To Date

Photo courtesy of Blind Eye Photography

I pulled into Cottonwood, CA around 7:30 am for the Broc Cresta Memorial Pro-Am Team Roping.  For those who have never attended, the roping takes place at the home of Jeff Davis’ 4-Star Rodeo Company.  As you pull up to the ranch, the first thing you see are rolling pastures with bucking bulls and horses grazing lazily amongst the oak trees.  You wind around a narrow road through the ranch, past the house, and down a draw where the arena sits perfectly shaded by large live oak trees.  It is a beautiful setting for a roping honoring and remembering a terrific cowboy, taken from the team roping world much too soon.

You could feel the excitement in the air as you climbed out of the pickup.  Hundreds of amateur team ropers lined up to draw chips with their number and the name of their professional team roper partner.  It was a crisp morning, but the sun shining foretold of a warm afternoon…much different than the day before which was frigid and rainy.

This was the largest turn-out to date, with nearly 140 amateur headers and just under 100 amateur heelers.  Where the roping had previously been progressive after two steers, this year it was progressive after one steer.

The pro headers and amateur heelers were the first to go, running their first two steers.  There were a lot of great runs, but first in the round went to Coleman Proctor and John Phillips with a time of 6.05 for $500 a man, closely followed by Riley Minor and Rylie Amarant with a 6.29 for $300 a man.  A little less than half of the teams returned for the second round, and only 20 teams would advance to the short round.

Next to run were the amateur headers and pro heelers.  The score was the same, but the cattle were swapped out.  With a lot more teams, the roping started to get really tough.  Fast times in the first round went to Colt Cowden and Brady Minor with a 6.13 for $500 a man, and Aaron Bressod and Jake Minor with a 6.28 for $300 a man.  After the second round, a lot of teams lost their chance at the short round with 20 teams coming back with a little under a 17 second cutoff.

The amateur heeler average paid 6 places, with Brock Hanson and Myron Duarte taking 1st place with a total time on 3 24.72, which paid $2,165 to the Hanson and $3,245 to Duarte.  Clay Tryan and Sterlin English took the 2nd place spot with 25.02 on 3 steers for $1,790 and $2,685.  3rd place went to Charly Crawford and Pistol Bray with a 27.80 on 3 for $1,415 and $2,125.  4th place went to Spencer Mitchell and Joe Robinson with a 29.21 on 3 steers.  Mitchell walked away with $1,045, while Robinson stuffed his pockets with $1,565.  Taking the 5th place spot was Cody Snow and Casey Moore with 29.53 on 3 for $670 for Snow and $1,005 for Moore.  The last money hole was filled by Levi Simpson and Pete Williams with a 31.82 on 3 for $370 and $560.  Fast times in the short round went to Clay Tryan and Sterlin English with a 6.6 for $500 a man, and Charly Crawford and Pistol Bray with a 7.6 for $300 a man.

Six places were also paid in the amateur heading average.  1st place went to Braden Schmidt and Russell Cardoza with 20.65 on 3.  $5,210 went to Schmidt, while Cardoza took home $3,470.  2nd place went to Drew Tilton and Travis Graves with a 21.35 on 3 steers for $4,310 to Tilton and $2,875 to Graves.  Taking 3rd was Bryar Minton and Cody Cowden with 21.84 on 3 for $3,410 to Minton and $2,275 to Cowden.  4th went to Pierce Wold and Junior Nogeira with 22.18 on 3 for $2,515 to Wold and $1,675 to Nogeira.  5th hole went to Caty Stanko and Monty Joe Petska with 22.18 on 3 steers for $1,615 to Stanko and $1,075 to Petska.  Last place in the average went to Colt Cowden and Brady Minor with a 22.77 on 3 for $895 to Cowden and $595 going to Minor.  Fast times in the short round went to Braden Schmidt and Russell Cardoza with a 5.57 for $500 a man, and 2nd in the round went to Drew Tilton and Travis Graves with a 5.78 for $300 a man.

Event photography provided by Jaime Gill’s Blind Eye Photography.  For copyright information or to purchase prints, please call Jaime at (530) 917-6046.

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