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Jake Barnes 7X Mental Game Plan DVD

Author - Lacey Maddalena

Lacey grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California where she learned to ride and rope at a very young age. Her dad was an avid team roper, and unlike most little girls who dreamed of the adrenaline of chasing barrels, Lacey dreamed of being a team roper just like her dad. She won her first jackpot at just 13 and has been hooked ever since. She is not only a passionate team roper and a writer, but also an artist and an outdoorsman. When she is not in the arena, she enjoys painting, archery, fishing, hiking, and traveling the world.

Teaching To Teach

“Teachers who love teaching teach students to love learning.” -Robert John Meehan Growing up, I was really lucky to have my dad as a team roping coach and teacher. ...

The Cowboy Way

It seems like the deeper that we dive into this millennial generation, the farther and farther away we get from the cowboy way.  It wasn’t long ago that “ma’am” and...

Starting The Head Horse

I grew up on a commercial cattle ranch high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California.  I know what some of you may be thinking.  “They don’t have cowboys...