Cowboy Santa: 10 Gifts for the Team Roper in Your Life

With Christmas fast approaching, you may be wondering what to get that special team roper in your life.  Let’s face it, team ropers are picky and usually they are expensive to shop for…if they haven’t already bought it for themselves, it’s probably too expensive!  Here are some fun holiday gift ideas from the Cowboy Santa!

#10 Subscriptions and Memberships

Team ropers LOVE their subscriptions!  This includes magazines (Spin to Win, Roper’s Sports News, Dally Times), team roping websites (, etc.  Give the gift of education and pay up their subscriptions for the year!  Remember, if they are winning, you are winning!  No one likes the ride home with a team roper who’s in a slump.

You can also pay up some of their memberships.  With most ropers holding a current USTRC, WSTR, ACTRA, OTR card, you can clearly see how this would be a great gift!  Most of these can be paid up by calling the association directly or visiting their website and having the member’s association number readily available.

#9 DVD’s

Along with subscriptions, roping DVD’s are a team roper’s best friend!  There are so many to choose from out there on the market.  Find training DVD’s that are relatable to your roper.  Who is his/her favorite team roper?  Find instructional DVD’s that feature that roper.  Here at, we have a DVD that is over 2.5 hours long and features World Champion coaches Matt Sherwood and Jake Barnes.  Best part about it?  It’s FREE!  All you have to do is pay shipping!  So, if you are on a budget and can’t think of what to get that tough-to-buy-for team roper in your life or you are looking for something special from Santa, here is a GREAT solution!  There are also event DVD’s that you can buy such as the Hork Dog, BFI, World Seried Finale, etc.

#8 Rope Gloves

Consider stuffing your cowboy or cowgirl’s stocking with a pack of their favorite rope gloves.  Every team roper I know has that one rope glove that they continue to use that has a huge hole between the thumb and pointer finger…myself included.  I have a tough time getting rid of rope gloves.  I grow an emotional attachment to them and if I have ever won money while wearing it, it automatically becomes “my lucky glove.”  However, I also lose rope gloves like no other and, despite what some roper’s may think, they can be too worn out.  Eventually, you will need to retire your trusty rope glove and replace it with a bright, shiny new one.  Rope gloves make a great gift for team ropers!  Keep in mind, most ropers are loyal to their brand.  Make sure you take note of the size that they wear as well as the brand…they all have a different feel!

#7 Ropes

This is touchy since some ropers are VERY picky about the ropes they use.  I am one of these people.  I usually won’t buy a rope that has been previously swung by someone other than me.  I will usually buy my ropes from a website such as Coolhorse or NRS, but if I can buy them from a smaller retailer such as Ropes Galore or Steer Gear, then I will do that instead.  It just ensures that I am getting the lay and feel that I’m looking for every time.  So if the team roper in your life is picky like I am, you may want to stick to gift cards for ropes.  But, if they aren’t, ropes are always an awesome gift!  Make sure you have an idea of the brand they prefer, the type of rope, and the lay!  For example:  I rope with a Fastback Mach3 XS head rope.

#6 Tack

Just like our ropes and our gloves, our tack wears out over time…ESPECIALLY splint boots and bell boots.  Perhaps the cowboy or cowgirl in your life has been eyeballing that new headstall or breast collar.  Perhaps, they are still using the same boots with worn out Velcro that fall off every other run.  Tack is one of those gifts that is always appreciated.

#5 Roping Dummies

Can a roper really ever have too many roping dummies?  Is that even a question?  Team ropers will LITERALLY ROPE ANYTHING, so no, they can NEVER EVER have too many roping dummies!  Lately, I have been seeing some pretty cool roping dummies, right there along with the tried and true versions!  Let’s start basic: a plastic steer head that you cram into a bale of hay.  It’s portable and great for keeping in the truck or trailer.  Let’s up that a notch…they now have dummy heads that attach to your Yeti cooler!  If you are going to spend that much on an ice chest, might as well make it multifunctional!  There are table dummies, perfect for roping indoors on those cold, winter days…have a family jackpot!  There are even mechanical dummies that you can rope on foot.  Let’s not forget the accessories!  You can get a chute that pushes your dummy for you, upping your practice ante.  The possibilities with dummies are endless!

#4 Mechanical Dummies

If you have a little money that you are willing to spend on your cowboy or cowgirl, a mechanical dummy such as a Smarty or Heel-o-Matic is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.  I am a firm believer that these machines are the best training tools for both horses and ropers.  They are not cheap!  But, they are worth every penny.  If you want to see your team roper’s eyes light up on Christmas morning, slap a bow on one of these bad boys!

#3 Go-Pro

This seems like a strange gift to buy a team roper.  But, if you haven’t noticed, team ropers REALLY like watching themselves.  I promise, it’s not because we are all narcissists.  Watching video of yourself and your horse is the quickest and easiest way to break down your roping so that you can improve.  Go-Pro has made it possible for team ropers to strap a camera to their body or their horses, record video, and then have the ability to play back their run over and over again.  Boring for everyone else in the family, but super exciting for team ropers!  One of the hardest parts about team roping is trying to figure out what went wrong or what went right during a run.  Having the ability to watch film eliminates that issue.  Just like subscriptions, DVD’s, and mechanical dummies, this is another tool that can be used for improvement.

#2 Clothing

This is just a given.  Team ropers like to look good!  Keep your cowboy or cowgirl outfitted with jeans, boots, cowboy hats, ball caps, hoodies and more.  Some brands that we love are Wrangler, Stetson, Rodeo King, Ariat, Panhandle Slim, Cinch, GoRope Clothing, SayiWon’t, Hooey, and the list goes on and on!

#1 Clinics, Lessons, and Roping Schools

This one item has been on my personal Christmas list for a LONNNNNNNGGGG time!  Obviously, I am really big on education.  If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best!  You can get a lot out of subscriptions and memberships to roping websites such as  But if you want that hands on, one-on-one instruction from the real pros, you need to go attend clinics and schools.  Sending your cowboy or cowgirl to a clinic or school or paying for some private lessons is, in my honest opinion, the BEST gift that you can give a team roper.  Starting in January 2017, will be offering clinics all over the US.  The best news is that if you are a member, you will get a discounted tuition!

These are just a few of the awesome Christmas gifts that you can give the team roper in your life.  From all of us at, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and may your New Year be filled with BIG CHECKS and many trips to the pay window!

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Lacey Maddalena

Lacey grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California where she learned to ride and rope at a very young age. Her dad was an avid team roper, and unlike most little girls who dreamed of the adrenaline of chasing barrels, Lacey dreamed of being a team roper just like her dad. She won her first jackpot at just 13 and has been hooked ever since. She is not only a passionate team roper and a writer, but also an artist and an outdoorsman. When she is not in the arena, she enjoys painting, archery, fishing, hiking, and traveling the world.

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