5 Lies People Need To Stop Telling About Team Ropers

People seem to have a lot of negative things to say about team ropers.  You know, it’s just something that I can’t wrap my head around because I know for a fact that we are all perfect!  Studies have shown that team ropers are actually the most interesting people on the planet…seriously, Google it…it’s worth a Google.  So today I want to put some of that negativity to rest.  Here are 5 lies that people need to stop telling about team ropers.

  1. “Team ropers are all a bunch of WHINERS!” Excuse me?  I think you meant to say WINNERS!  Fact of the matter is, we are the best there is.  No one really goes to the rodeo to watch bull riding!  That’s just ludicrous!  We all know that EVERYONE comes to watch the team roping!  So, since we are the stars of the show, it’s only fitting that we should always get our way.  All that nonsense people are talking about whining…that’s not whining.  That’s verbal winning!  You can’t get what you want in life if you just hang out in the shadows and keep your mouth shut.  Stars were meant to shine!  You need to speak up and get your way.  “The cattle are bad!”  WHINE ABOUT IT and get you another one!  “My horse isn’t working right!”  WHINE ABOUT IT and that’ll make him work better!  And if whining doesn’t improve your situation, at least it’ll make you feel better.  Heck, someone may even feel sorry for you and buy you a brew, and if that happens…well, it sounds like you’re winning to me!
  2. “Team ropers are all pretty boys.” Nonsense!  We are TEAM ropers…not CALF ropers!  I am not going to deny that we are a good-looking bunch.  No doubt about that!  However, team ropers come in all shapes and sizes.  If you want to call us pretty, make sure you use it as an adverb and follow it with an adjective.  Here’s some examples for all you non-English majors: pretty punchy, pretty ranchy, pretty handy, pretty rank, pretty ropey, pretty sticky, pretty green, pretty handsome, or maybe even pretty old, pretty chubby, or pretty ugly!  No matter how you spin it, we are all pretty special!
  3. “It’s pointless to pull a 3-horse bumper-pull with a Freightliner.” Listen Linda, it takes a big truck to haul our egos.  We may only have one horse, three dogs, and six saddles in our trailer and we may only be driving 15 miles to the jackpot, but with heads as big as ours, you need a lot of horsepower to get down the road!
  4. “Team roping is BORING to watch.” I mean, some people just can’t enjoy the finer things in life!  10,000 runs may all LOOK the same to the untrained eye, but those with an affinity for detail can clearly depict the differences and enjoy doing so.  There is nothing more entertaining than watching two people chase a steer down the arena over and over and over again for hours on end.  Don’t get up to get a beer or a cheeseburger…if you do, you’ll miss the one big wreck of the day!
  5. “Team ropers are terrible horsemen.” How dare you say such a horrible thing!  There is nothing wrong with pulling the reins and kicking at the same time!  I know because I saw it on a western one time!  And the rear-back is a legitimate way to cue your horse to stop while heeling!  Jeez, it’s not like we just make this stuff up.  It’s science!!  Look, it doesn’t matter if you are a hunter/jumper, a reiner, or a team roper…we could all learn to be better horsemen and horsewomen!  At the end of the day, at least we aren’t screaming, “KICK, KICK, KICK…LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!” at each other.  It could always be worse…

So, now that we have debunked those 5 lies, make sure you hug a team roper today!  It’s hard getting through the day when so many people are picking on you day in and day out.  We can’t help it that we’re awesome!

Disclaimer:  This is a satirical blog post.  At Roping.com we don’t condone this behavior and believe the fastest way to improve your team roping is to humble yourself and realize your pitfalls…then work on improving them.  We also know that team ropers are some of the most kind, helpful people on the planet.  The author comes from a team roping background, competes in team roping, and loves her team roping family.  She is a firm believer that if you can laugh at yourself, you will never cease to be amused.

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Lacey Maddalena

Lacey grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern California where she learned to ride and rope at a very young age. Her dad was an avid team roper, and unlike most little girls who dreamed of the adrenaline of chasing barrels, Lacey dreamed of being a team roper just like her dad. She won her first jackpot at just 13 and has been hooked ever since. She is not only a passionate team roper and a writer, but also an artist and an outdoorsman. When she is not in the arena, she enjoys painting, archery, fishing, hiking, and traveling the world.

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