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Dating a gal who is as hooked on roping and riding as you are can be pretty awesome. Sharing your equestrian lifestyle with your Significant Other comes with plenty of perks from swapping horses and gear to hauling to the same events.

The internet is bursting with articles explaining how to rope better. Yet, rarely do we talk about the social aspect of team roping let alone the cute romance of backing into the box together. 💘

So whether you’re trying to score beaucoup bonus points with a new sweetheart or keep the spark strong with your long-time love bunny, here are 11 things you’ll want to remember about girls who rope.

Including how to win — and keep — their hearts all the way to the short-go.


1. She will want to ride your good horse and you should totally let her.

Being mounted on someone’s best horse is always a fabulous privilege. When it comes to your crush/boyfriend/husband’s horse it makes ladies feel like extra special snowflakes full of glitter.

Letting her ride your #1 mount is like taking a normal girl shopping on a Sunday afternoon followed by a night watching The Notebook while giving her a no-strings-attached back massage.

Buuuuuut if you don’t have a good horse you can do that instead.


2. Helping her practice is THE MOST romantic date night.

Dating a girl who ropes is SUPER ideal for guys lacking any other romantic skills such as planning dates, picking out gifts or using simple phrases associated with their emotions like “I feel things for you.”

Helping your ropey girl practice is like buying flowers, chocolates and taking her to dinner while talking about your feelings all in one beef flavored bonus package bursting with boyfriend points.

Nothing screams “I LOVE YOU THE MOST” like dragging the sled around just the way she likes it as many times as she needs to get that one issue resolved.

If Ryan Gosling starred in a romantic chick flick about roping he would probably be doing this. *Please make that movie*

11 things you should know if you’re going to make a team roper your girlfriend.


Why this makes girls feel warm and fuzzy
Helping her practice shows that you actively support her goals and believe in her abilities. It shows you’re willing to sacrifice your time to help her achieve progress for what’s important to her.

When people feel supported they feel really, really happy.

Besides, it’s very likely your girlfriend will help you with a lot of things in your life that you totally suck at.

Really annoying things like figuring out health insurance, managing AQHA registration or cleaning your sheets more than once a year. Return the favor.

So, when she asks for help running the sled for, like, 10 loops or to work the chute while she breakaways, say yes for the long term happiness effects this will bring you both. Seriously, you will not be disappointed.


3. You might both be broke at the same time…for the same reasons.

If you both rope, you’ll both understand the insane desire to drop cash on horsey assets and the somewhat irrational drive to spend your last dollar on entry fees even if it means being late on rent.


She will totally get it when you can’t afford the utility bill this month but somehow there is a box of 6 new ropes (for the free shipping, duh!) on your doorstep.

Show her the same empathy when she comes up a dollar short in the grocery line.

This is a financial perk that may help you both not kill each other when it turns out you’re broke AF  living on a steady diet of ramen noodles and string cheese melted in tortillas.

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4. She is going to want your advice but not your criticism.

One of the best parts about dating another roper is always having a second opinion handy from someone who knows your strengths, weakness, and understands your program goals.

But ahhh, the delicate balance of horsemanship advice between lovers. So much potential for bonding, yet so much potential for crying.

The annoying unfortunate truth: whatever unsolicited training we provide to ‘fix’ our partner’s problem usually comes across as condescending — regardless of how well-intentioned. 


It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it

This piece of advice is not about silently watching your gal fail without offering help. It’s about choosing your words and tone in a way that is supportive and encouraging.

Trust me, she already knows she needs to improve which is why you are in the practice pen together. 

Chicks get stuck in their own head easily. If you’re dating a competitive bad ass babe they will be their harshest critic. Laying into them about what they are doing wrong only makes things worse.

Say something like this:
“I noticed that when you add more separation before you deliver you are catching two feet EVERY TIME. That’s so awesome!” 😃 👍

Not this:
“Stop riding your horse up that steer’s ass; you keep missing.” 😠 💩


5. Be her Number One cheerleader. 

This is Number 4’s twin brother. Instead of putting on your Captain Obvious hat and teasing your GF about how she threw a big ol’ air ball for the 6th time, put on your Super Hero cape and point out what she did right.

Maybe she rode her horse into position, had great rope speed or scored like a statue. Focus on the positive. It will make her feel confident which will help her have the courage to improve. Plus, you will be her hero.

Social scientists have even proved that the secret to love and long-term happiness is simply just kindness.

She will LOVE you for the encouragement. In other words, use your sugar on your sweetheart and save the salty words for your compadres.


6. Be kind to your horses…and hers.

Women pay attention to the way you handle, reward, and reprimand your horses. How a man takes care of his critters can be a good indicator of how he will — or won’t — take care of her.

If a guy is making a huge deal out of a little mistake his colt made it’s likely he will be overly critical and lose his temper with her, too.

However, a man who shows patience, kindness and has a gentle hand with his horses is a really, really good sign. Apply the same kindness to her animals, especially her favorites, and she will be  😍  for you.

As Conway Twitty already figured out, women want a lover with an easy touch.


7. Roping the dummy will be your Happy Hour

This is practice-as-date-night’s little cousin and another big bonus for dudes lacking in the romance department. One perk of dating a girl who ropes is that when you’ve had a long day you’ll both love unwinding over a couple beers while roping the dummy.

This is a great low-pressure, low-cost way to spend coupley bonding time together while perfecting your loop. Slam dunk for the win.

11 Things To Know If You’re Going To Date A Girl Who Ropes



8. Tell her she looks sexy coming out of the box

It’s no secret that part of earning the Great Boyfriend Badge involves giving consistent compliments. If you’re dating another roper this is waaaay easy!

Just talk favorably about her roping or horses and boom, you’ve just earned the relationship equivalent of a VIP suite at the NFR with free cocktails all night.

Recognizing and complimenting her roping abilities or efforts is like emotionally giving her a bag full of diamond-encrusted gold nuggets blessed with magical unicorn breath presented on a bed of Phoenix feathers.

Be specific for extra credit
Does she look like a badass zipping that head loop over those horns? Tell her! Is her colt working really well? Let her know you think so. If she worked hard to fix a bad corner tell her how impressed you are with her perseverance.

You will never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever go wrong with too many words of kindness, encouragement and compliments inside or outside the arena. 


9. If you make her choose between rope practice and you, she will probably choose practice. #SorryNotSorry

But really, any great roping relationship will never make you choose between rope practice and the relationship because date night is rope practice, remember!?

As most of you understand, roping is an addiction with the side-effect of magically erasing our To-Do Lists.

Roping practice meme


Maybe this scenario sounds familiar
On a Wednesday, you ask your girl if she can do that thing with you this weekend.

They say “maaaaaybe…IDK, I have a lot to do…”

Then Friday rolls around. Their BFF texts about Saturday morning practice….with fresh steers…in 68° weather…with their favorite partners…at the neighbor’s house with the really nice arena.

Suddenly, *POOF * your babe is 120% available! Pure magic. Cue eye roll from the irritated boyfriend.

So if you think you have your chiquita locked down to go to your co-worker’s BBQ, think again if practice is an option. The only thing she’s thinking about locking down is a dally on two feet. Get used to it or load up with her!


10. Save the cockiness for the bedroom. 😉

No one likes roping with that arrogant sleazy sidewinder who rolls into the pen with his starched patchy shirt and bright new ropes (because he’s sponsored).

You know that guy. He’s the one loping circles with a balloon head like he has never, ever missed and is the most cowboyest, ropiest roper ever to swing a leg over leather.


Chicks don’t dig it and neither do most people you know. A big ego is always a turn-off. So if you’re that dude, maybe stop reading this article and read this one: Twelve Tips to Avoid Seeming Like an Arrogant, Know-It-All Jerk


11. You will need to be cool with the very real possibility that she might become a better roper than you. Or maybe she already is.

To follow up on that last point, if you’re dating a girl who is ambitious, serious about bringing her A-Game and works hard towards her goals there is a good chance one day she may out catch, out ride and be cashing more checks than you.

Also, her horses might be nicer.

Some guys just can’t handle this. Ask yourself if you’re one of them. If you are, either date a barrel racer or get over it. (Hint: getting over it makes you a better person…)

You don’t need a Ph.D. in psychology to recognize this attitude comes from a place of insecurity or lack of respect for women. Commonly known as being an a**hole.

Love her for her successes, regardless of your own and she will be the happiest woman in your arms.

Besides, more checks = more fun tickets so hang on for the ride!

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