10 Qualities Of A Great Non-Roping Spouse

It’s just a fact of life that not everyone in the world is into riding horses and roping steers. And that’s okay. Some of us have significant others that don’t rope with us, but we still love them the same. But these good non-roping spouses can be hard to come by. Being attached to a roper isn’t the easiest of all life choices, that’s for sure. If you are a roper and thinking about dating a new guy or gal that doesn’t rope, make sure they possess these important qualities before you decide to keep them around.

  • They have an expensive hobby of their own. If you are the only one that’s hemorrhaging money on a weekly basis on your horses, cattle and entry fees, there’s going to be some conflict. So make sure your significant other also has a hobby that costs quite a bit of money. Fishing and hunting is a great way for them to spend money, as is a solid shopping habit. That way when the inevitable, “You’re spending too much money on roping!” discussion comes up you can say, “But at least I have a chance of winning some of that money back, unlike the _____ you spend your money on.”
  • They can drive your rig. Nothing says a romantic weekend away like driving 16 hours round trip together! You know what makes that trip even more fun? When you can sleep in the passenger seat while he or she drives. Sweet memories.
  • They maintain an interest in roping and rodeo. If your significant other can’t make it through ten nights in a row of NFR action without a whine or complaint, they’ve got to go. If he or she can’t understand the importance of rodeo’s Holy Week then they are not worthy of your time. Extra points if they are a huge fan of a particular sporting team. That way you can always remind them of ALL those evenings you spent watching UK basketball if they think about getting salty on night 7.
  • They don’t particularly want you around all the time. I mean, you want them to like you and all, but if you can find a significant other that isn’t too worried about you being home all the time, that’s probably for the best. Because let’s be honest, you’re not going to be home. They also need to get used to not talking to you all day when you are inevitably at an indoor that doesn’t have any cell service. I mean, there are only 54 teams before your next run. You just don’t have time to step outside for a phone call, you have trash to talk.
  • They’ve got some stock sense and will feed all the animals while you’re gone. Sure, when you were single you’d load up all 3 horses and the dogs and head out, but now that there’s someone staying home on the ranch, why take everyone along? Load up the 2 good sticks and the dog that doesn’t bark all night and head out. And when the cows inevitably get out while you’re gone you know that they can handle it on their own, keeping the neighbors from calling you. Having that person around really saves you a lot of hassle!
  • They like your friends and don’t mind waking up to them in your living room. Sometimes roping’s go longer than you expected, or your buddies are just too tired to drive on home that night. Of course they can crash on your couch! If your significant other gets tore up about walking out and seeing bodies all over the living room they may not last long.
  • They can easily entertain themselves at a roping. We all can admit that sitting in the stands for hours on end at a team roping can be painfully boring, so your significant other needs to be pretty self-sufficient. One perk of having them in the stands is you always have someone to run to the concession stand for you and film your runs.
  • They are okay with you never going to family gatherings. It’s not your fault that their Aunt Frieda’s niece’s daughter’s son’s birthday party falls on the same weekend as the US roping. When given the choice of birthday cake or big money roping we are going to choose the roping. Every. Single. Time. But if you wanted to bring a leftover cupcake home for us we wouldn’t be mad…
  • They don’t complain about all the roping gloves that are EVERYWHERE. If you rope there’s a pretty good chance that you have a glove or two in the kitchen, living room, office, truck, barn, trailer, laundry, and dresser. They just need to accept the gloves as part of the décor and move on.
  • They don’t try to cramp your style. If starched jeans and a button up or turquoise, fringe and cute boots won’t fit in, we aren’t going. We are who we are and no one is going to change that.

In all seriousness, being attached to a roper when you aren’t one yourself has got to be a tough job. Of course we love our significant others, but we are pretty much gypsy souls and always have roping and rodeo on the mind. Like Willy and Waylon say, “Cowboy’s ain’t easy to love and they’re harder to hold.” If you have a great non-roper guy or gal in your life, be sure to tell them how much you appreciate their support of all your cowboy adventures! They are a special breed all their own!

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Laney Snider

Laney grew up in southeast Ohio with two pilot parents, but her passion for horses was apparent early on. She started off her horse career successfully in the pleasure horse show pen before she transitioned to roping. While attending Murray State she competed in team roping and breakaway roping as well as showing on the schools ranch horse team. Even though life doesn’t currently allow for Laney to be competing, she stay’s involved in the rodeo world by working for a stock contractor and growing her herd of corriente cattle. When Laney is not in the back pens at a rodeo she’s working with her husband on their row crop farm and being the head grower at her “mum ranch.”

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