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    Stepping Up Your Mental Game

    Don’t carry your mistakes around with you, instead place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to success – Ryan Ferreras. Mental game: It’s something that all ropers deal with, regardless of their level. The biggest thing about having a good strong mental game is just believing in yourself and telling yourself […]

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    4 Tips For Finding A Team Roping Mentor

    I started competing in team roping when I was 11 years old.  When I first got started, my dad was always a mentor.  As a man who used to spin steers for Virgil Green, I trusted his coaching, even when I didn’t want to listen to him because he was my dad. When he passed […]

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    Roping Your Way Out Of A Slump

    If you’ve ever been around a team roping for at least three minutes, I am sure you have heard someone saying they are in a slump. The slump is when you just can’t seem to get over the hill to the pay window. Either you are roping good but every thing seems to fall apart […]

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    Team Roper Fitness

    We keep our horses in tip top shape, so why not ourselves? I’m the first one to admit that my idea of fitness is “fit-ness whole pizza in my mouth,” but when I wanted to step up my roping I realized I needed to build my strength. When roping at top speed it is easy […]

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    Developing Mental Toughness In The Roping Pen

    It’s your first run of the day.  You are up in ten teams.  You feel that familiar adrenaline start to set in.  Your heart starts to pound a little harder than normal.  You feel it first in your chest, then it slowly starts to set in all over your body.  You feel it in your […]

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    5 Easy Therapies For A Happy Rope Horse

    As someone who stays on the road, I am always looking for anything to keep my horses feeling good. When a new therapy product comes out I am the first to buy it. This is a list of my favorite five. Disclaimer: my crew of horses are slightly (okay, very much) spoiled.   A good […]

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    Tips For Raising A Team Roper

    Whether you are a roper yourself or your child has randomly become attracted to the cowboy life, when your kid decides to start roping, it changes the family dynamics. Roping is a time and money consuming hobby (re: lifestyle), but it is great sport for kids to be involved in. It requires hard work and […]

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    Starting The Head Horse

    I grew up on a commercial cattle ranch high up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California.  I know what some of you may be thinking.  “They don’t have cowboys in California.”  Well, think again!  I hate to break it to you, but some of the best cowboys I know, both in and out […]

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    6 Tips For Roping With Your Spouse

    “Fine. Unwrap the steers yourself then.”   “What’s your problem?”   “I don’t have to take this. I’m done.”   And my favorite, “I don’t need your help.”   How many roping wives have said these? How many times have you heard these said between spouses in the roping pen? It’s hard not to get […]

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    11 Tips For Dating A Girl Who Ropes

    Featured Photo by Shanyn Nicole: Katie Leibold and Jared Thompson loving life in the Arizona desert. Dating a gal who is as hooked on roping and riding as you are can be pretty awesome. Sharing your equestrian lifestyle with your Significant Other comes with plenty of perks from swapping horses and gear to hauling to […]